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Gas springs (Nitrogen cylinders) – With a large inventory of AZOL Gas nitrogen cylinders, MDL is in a privileged position to offer a wide variety of nitrogen cylinders with minimal lead times.We have a wide variety of nitrogen cylinders available, such as the following lines; MICRO, STANDARD, COMPACT or even THREADED/TAPPED according to the following standards; ISO, CNOMO, VDI and NAAMS.

These gas springs are made according to all legal requirements for high pressure vessels (PED), together with all technical instructions and manufacturing processes.

In addition to this, AZOL gas springs are approved for use in all major European auto manufacturers.

All other gas spring accessories such as hoses, connectors, etc are also supplied by MDL.

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Mini Gas Springs ISO Gas Springs Compact Gas Springs
Series AFB Series APF Series CW
Series AFJ Series AG Series CM
Series AFC Series CS