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Punches, dies and retainers
MDL standard punches and dies are readily available in our stock.

These are manufactured in a wide variety of steels:

Chrome steel (HWS / Z160 CDV12 / X160CrMoV12 / 1.2379)
High speed steel (HSS 6-5-2C / Z90 WDCV-06-05-04-02 / 1.3343)
High speed powdered steel (ASP 23 / X130 W Mo Cr V / 1.3344)

We also have available a wide variety of PVD coatings which we can recommend according to your specific needs, such as TIN, TICN, TiCrN, AlCrN, etc.

We also have punch retainers and die retainers in stock to minimize lead times. MDL is also capable of manufacturing practically any type of punch, die, punch retainer and die retainer according to your prints.

Contact us at porter-besson@mdl-rodis.com

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