Tapered Head Punches

Tampered Head Punches MDLStamping of thicker metal sheets or tight materials creates higher friction forces on the punch surface which put more tensile forces into the punch head.

In the worst case this can lead to the break of the punch head. The ISO standard incorporate this phenomenon by means of conical head shapes, where the extended area of support by means of a cone shape increase the bearing pressure surface and reduce the notching effect.

Also the break of punch head could be avoided by the use of different materials which increase the breaking limit or the application of coating reducing the friction forces between punch and sheet.

The experience shows that all this optimization measures could be only partly successful.
As a supplier of quality punches since decades MDL has observed this phenomenon and developed in cooperation with our customers a solution which increase the service life of the punch and minimize unexpected downtime – the punch with MDL tapered head.

To meet the increasing demand for this technical solution MDL has decided to expand the already existing product portfolio to react fast on customer requests.

  • Expansion of the available diameter from 5 to 25 mm with in total 24 gradation
  • Standard forms square, rectangle, slotted hole and shaped rectangle
  • Material HSS / Z90 for additional coating

To facilitate the mounting of the MDL tapered punches MDL offers a seat (SPF) which can be easily installed by means of a sequential head.

In case of a retrofit of an existing die or narrow spaces MDL supply a shaped cutter in HSS or hard metal for machining the punch retainer.